Brandi’s Gluten Free Flour

I have played with so many gluten free flour combinations and thrown out so many till I finally found a great combination!


Brandi’s GF Flour Mix

2 Cup Brown Rice Flour

2 Cups White Rice Flour

I mix the whole grain rice in my Vitamix and process as the manufacture states and the rice becomes flour.  This is so much cheaper!!

I then mix the rice flour mix with 1 package of Bob’s Red Mill Sweet Sorghum Flour and 1 package Tapioca Flour.


Brandi’s GF Flour REMix 2019

Mix 2 packages of Bob’s Red Mill Sweet Sorghum and 2 packages of Tapioca Flour.

We had to go rice free and so far this has been a great substitute…just remember to add chia seed or flax to your recipe!